AC Schnitzer R Nine T



The link between classic and modern, the balance between tradition and new technology - all this is incorporated to perfection in the BMW R nineT. So fittingly, AC Schnitzer presents the HERITAGE range for you to create your own personal "Mademoiselle Ninette"

High quality aluminium components, anodized in black and relief-milled in silver; ergonomic solutions and a few extras just for fun - that's what we're offering you.


The AC Schnitzer STEALTH silencer with matt black shell and brushed stainless steel end cap not only offers a weight saving of around 3 kg and 2 hp more power. With its conical shape, it also stylishly continues the classic line. Its EC-approved deep Boxer sound gives the R nineT a very powerful signature. But if you want an even fuller sound, there's the unlicensed "flap replacement pipe" or the decat AC Schnitzer performance manifolds. Both can be fitted in conjunction with the standard or other aftermarket silencers.

The AC Schnitzer HERITAGE fork bridge offers more rigidity than the original, and also looks great. In anodized black with silver milled pockets, it fits both the AC Schnitzer Clip Ons and handlebar stumps from other manufacturers. The bridge is TÜV APPROVED with a component certificate.

AC Schnitzer Clip Ons are individually adjustable in 3 axes, and can therefore be adapted to the rider while offering maximum sporting performance. Here again, the black anodized aluminium is enhanced with silver milling. Together with the HERITAGE fork bridge but also with the standard component, these are a must for the R nineT. TÜV APPROVED with component certificate.

Brake and clutch levers with a wide adjustment range are important for many riders. The AC Schnitzer EVO levers are anodized silver, and come with interchangeable end caps. So you yourself can decide whether your levers will be short or long. This exciting material combination not only presents a classic colourway but also offers a true ergonomic benefit thanks to impressive functionality. TÜV APPROVED with ABE general licence.
AC Schnitzer R nineT

The AC Schnitzer replacement footrests systematically continue the styling lines. The grippy black rests have a round cross-section, and are available both as a complete kit for rider and passenger, or separately for front and rear.

The AC Schnitzer rocker stud cover is simply beautiful. Carrying the tactical logo of the Royal Air Force, it reflects the spirit of the country of origin of the Cafe Racer while concealing the bearing point present on all current boxer engines.

The CSC steering damper gives your BMW R nineT far more stability, so you can ride with less fatigue and greater safety. Features of the Touratech Suspension CSC steering damper:
- no heavy steering into slow corners and/or when carrying a load
- minimum effect on the handlebars from rider movements
- minimum disruption from grooves on motorways and trunk roads
- less fatigue on long journeys thanks to permanently improved riding stability.

Other features:
- fits to the original BMW attachment points
- CNC-milled from high quality aerospace aluminium 7075
- optimum response for maximum speed
- true Touratech design with 65 mm stroke
- damping individually adjustable over 24 clicks
- component certification in progress

The Touratech Suspension fork springs on the BMW R nineT were developed with the best possible partner in Hyperpro. The fork of the BMW R nineT has been perfectly optimised for fine response behaviour with high reserves and sporting handling. The fork springs of the BMW R nineT are fully progressive over the entire length, giving you:
- optimum damping comfort over the entire spring travel of the fork
- maximum tyre grip and clean feedback from the road at all times
- damping reserves at high damping frequency and on poor road surfaces, through to complete protection from shocks
- perfect set-up of the fork for fast cornering or straight cruising

3 new versions for the R nineT from the inventor of the cardan crash pad. First, the familiar crash pad with the silver foot and AC Schnitzer logo in the pad. Next and new, the variant with black foot and Royal Air Force symbol to match the cover of the swing arm peg. And last, the exclusive pad with black relief-milled foot and high quality 3D-machined nylon cover in milled style. Each effectively protects your cardan drive from unpleasant damage.

The AC Schnitzer foot rest system for the R nineT is adjustable over a wide range both towards the rear and upward. The design matches the rest of the Heritage Line and is characterised by the black and silver colours.

The AC Schnitzer Heritage Shield tank cover not only protects the easily scratched areas close to the ignition lock and the rider's seat, but its "checkered flag“ design also looks great. The familiar black-and-white flag pays homage to the first Boxer Sprintin Garmisch-Partenkirchen, where - if it is revived - there'll be plenty of R nineT´s.