Big Bear Paradox





It’s a paradox to think that a highly artful motorcycle can perform so well, be so comfortable and so reliable. It’s usually a contradiction in the motorcycle world. We do not believe in compromising. We call it Paradox. It’s one of the first production motorcycle to roll with the new large diameter wheels, a 23” front and 20” rear. The Paradox holds an innovative dimensionally composite downtube shroud that not only completes the motorcycle’s front aesthetic lines, but it also acts to hide the less desirable clutch cable. The oil tank is the signature large capacity unit but with unique concave molding design work. Both front and rear fenders feature a subtle and elegant ridge that fades away at the halfway point. The motorcycle’s exclusive swingarm design comes with an inventive stylistic cover, hiding the tubular frame structure, axle adjusters and brake line. The Paradox is powered by the famous 100 SMOOTH™ with an EFI option, or even better, the new 114” S&S X-Wedge EFI engine. The Paradox is harmony of elegance and strength. An American motorcycle, redefined.

“Ergonomically, the BBC engineers nailed it with a comfortable reach to the bars and pegs. The low 19: seat height gave good control at waddling speeds. Wide bars offered plenty of leverage, and steering at full lock didn’t make the bike want to fall-in during parking maneuvers.” said by Eric Bass in Barnet’s Motorcycle Showcase. December 2008.

Design Features:
• Proprietary patented frame configuration for better weight distribution and handling
• Super low neck height with an aggressive 44° rake for a long -n- low, awe-inspiring stance
• Very low seat height of 20” that enhances the riding senses and enables low speed confidence
• Artful fuel tank design that flows into the innovative composite downtube shroud
• Large capacity, dimensionally designed oil tank that holds 5 quarts of oil for engine optimization
• Both front and rear fenders feature a subtle and elegant ridge, fading away at the halfway point
• Exclusive swingarm design with an inventive stylistic cover to hide the axle block
• Ergonomically sound and flowing handlebar design

Component Features:
• 100" SMOOTH™ Low Vibration Polished Engine at 112 lbs. of Torque
• 6-Speed Right-Side Drive Polished Transmission
• Billet Enclosed Wet Chain Primary Drive
• Belt Final Drive for Smoother and Quieter Operation
• Forged Billet Wheel Choice with Large 23”x 130mm Front and 20" x 280mm Rear Tire
• Chrome Frontend with Hidden Axle Design and 4-Piston Brakes
• Chrome Foot, Hand Controls and Digital Dash
• Chrome Radius Tuned Exhaust

Factory Options:
• Electronic Fuel Injected System
• 114" SMOOTH™ X-Wedge™ EFI Engine
• Open Belt Primary Drive
• Wheel Design Choice
• Chrome Wheels and Brake Calipers
• Standard or Custom Paint Scheme