Big Bear Reaper Chopper




This beautiful beast is the firstborn among its brothers that launched the Big Bear Choppers brand of motorcycles in 2002. This ambitious motorcycle is built around the 250mm wide tire with a rigid appearance. If you’re in the market for a tough, traditional all American modernistic chopper with today’s technology, look no further. The spider web theme throughout the Reaper adds to the rebellious demeanor of it’s presence. This chopper handles remarkably well due to our extensive R&D. Our frame and frontend calculations are ‘to the tee’ with the final trail measurement, resulting in no frontend flop or high speed wobble. With the Reaper’s lower than standard seat height and pullback handlebars, this mad mechanical pony can be tamed by riders ranging from 5 foot 6 to 6 foot 3 with easy success. Standard components include the proprietary low vibration 100 SMOOTH™ polished engine in front of a Baker 6-speed overdrive transmission, exclusive primary drive, chrome frontend and controls, and it keeps going. The Reaper… it’s an all American rebel machine. Be as powerful as you can be.



“Wanna be a bad mo fo, or just ride around and look like one? Then this nasty scooter is for you.” said by Dave Nichols, Chief Editor of Easyriders and V-Twin magazines, talking about the Reaper. July 2003.

Design Features:
• Traditional Chopper dual downtube design
• Tall Chopper style neck height with an obtainable yet appealing 40° rake
• Low seat of 23.5” that enables low speed confidence and maneuverability
• Spider web theme with web gusset, web decorated oil tank and swingarm
• Sleek large capacity tear-drop style fuel tank
• Exclusive Reaper™ swingarm
• Stylistic and ergonomically sound handlebars

Component Features:
• 100 SMOOTH™ Low Vibration Polished Engine at 112 lbs. of Torque
• 6-Speed Left-Side Drive Polished Transmission
• Billet Enclosed Wet Chain Primary Drive
• Forged Billet Wheel Choice with 21” Front and 250mm Rear Tire
• 4-Piston Caliper Brakes
• Chrome Frontend with Hidden Axle Design
• Chrome Foot and Hand Controls
• Chrome Digital Dash
• Chrome Tuned Exhaust

Factory Options:
• Open Belt Primary Drive
• Wheel Design Choice
• Chrome Wheels and Brake Calipers
• Standard or Custom Paint Scheme