Big Bear Sled ProStreet




Our Sled ProStreet is the new style drop seat, long -n- low two wheeled lead sled machine that has become the most desired custom bike in the industry today. This slammed hot rod is the choice for any motorcycle enthusiast who wants the most impressive motorcycle for the money. The Sled’s ingenious drop seat stretched frame makes for a motorcycle that feels and handles unbelievably balanced and a blast to ride. The sunken seat allows the rider to be positioned inside the chassis, boasting more control and adding to the unique sensation of riding low to the ground. Our own exclusive 100 SMOOTH™ engine produces an adrenaline provoking 112 pounds of brawn torque... we’re talking buckets of adrenaline. She’s loaded with patented chassis design features to help protect your Sled from being copied by the other guys. The Sled ProStreet a perfect blend of design, ride comfort, reliability and price. We’ve created form and function to coexist.

“This bike is undoubtedly the best handling 300mm rear tire bike we’ve ever hidden. At 5 feet, 9 inches, I had no problems at all reaching the swept-back bars or the forward controls. This package of looks, style, and comfort is hard to beat at the asking price.” said by Toph Bocchiaro, Hot Bike Magazine. April 2007.

Design Features:
• Proprietary patented mid-section stretch in the frame for better weight distribution and handling
• Super low neck height with an aggressive 44° rake for a long -n- low awe-inspiring stance
• Slammed seat height of 20” that enhances the riding senses and enables low speed confidence
• Unique radius dual downtubes and stretched backbone
• Creative and patented fuel tank that meets seamlessly into the seat
• Patented oil tank holds 5 quarts of oil for engine optimization
• Dramatic rolling fenders that finish off with a point
• Famous and patented Venom™ swingarm
• Comfortable handlebar design

Component Features:
• 100 SMOOTH™ Low Vibration Polished Engine at 112 lbs. of Torque
• 6-Speed Right-Side Drive Polished Transmission
• Billet Enclosed Wet Chain Primary Drive
• Forged Billet Wheel Choice with 21” Front and 300mm Rear Tire
• 4-Piston Brakes with Rear Belt Drive-Side™ Brake System
• Chrome Frontend with Hidden Axle Design
• Chrome Foot and Hand Controls
• Chrome Digital Dash
• Chrome Radius Tuned Exhaust

Factory Options:
• Electronic Fuel Injected System
• 114" SMOOTH™ X-Wedge™ EFI Engine
• Open Belt Primary Drive
• Wheel Design Choice
• Chrome Wheels and Brake Calipers
• Standard or Custom Paint Scheme