CR&S Duu Café Racing




The CR&S Café Racing and Sport) DUU motorbike has recently made its debut, revealing a fully customizable machine that combines American muscle with European style. The DUU will be handcrafted, therefore available in a limited run, starting early 2011,

The DUU is powered by a 1,916cc X-Wedge engine developing over 95 horsepower and 140 Nm (103.3 lb.ft.) of torque from 2.500 to 4.700 rpm. The engine includes two pushrod head valves per cylinder with hydraulic self adjustment, and three belt driven camshafts (one intake and two exhaust).

The structural components are made in carbon, while the rest are made in VTR, ABS or carbon. The gas tank is divided in two parts: the chassis’ backbone and the seat holder box structure. In addition to this, each new option introduced will be 100% retrofittable on each DUU.

The bike will come in a limited run
The options list includes a lot of high quality hand-made components, such as the front light, the fake gas tank with storage function, GPS holder and folding windshield (CR&S patent), the passenger comfort seat, the folding passenger back seat, the oil tank with light alloy machined fins, the belly pan, the CR&S light alloy machined from solid wheels, the SBK break disks, the different seat covers, the aluminum filler cap’s cover, different chassis finishes, different graphics and body finishes, and the powertrain finishes.

Several configuration possibilities are available concerning the look, from each component’s color, to the chassis and the wheels finishes. The powertrain’s color can even be chosen. A customized engraved silver plate gives the final touch.