Ducati 350 Corsa Replica




Initially displayed at the 1967 Cologne show, the wide-case Ducati singles were launched in 1968 in 250-cc and 350-cc models and Scrambler and Mark 3 sport bike designations. The 350 engine shared the same specifications as the 350 Sebring and Mach 1/S racer and a 10-to-1 compression ratio. Power comes from a 340 cc SOHC single engine which is combined with a five speeds transmission.

The range would soon boast Taglioni’s Desmo engine, and the two models are hard to distinguish, both proving solid, competent race bikes, with excellent brakes and handling.

The engine has twin spark plugs and twin distributors, alloy rims, twin rear shock absorbers, special clutch, single Dell’Orto 36-mm pumper carburettor, competition exhaust, twin leading shoe front brake and Veglia competition tachometer.