Avon Trailrider X-Over


The "TrailRider X-Over" is the work of two Frenchmen: Charles-Henrick Gaurier, who works for Avon France, and Thierry Marie, a specialist alloy fabricator.

The pair decided that the F800S would be the perfect donor to show off Avon's latest dual sport models and while the Rotax-developed twin might seem like an outlandish choice, Charles insisted that the engine was the perfect starting point because of it's 360 degree firing interval - just like British engines from the good old days. Thierry agreed, citing his own love for the former British marque Mini.

Apart from the rims, swing arm and engine, most of the donor F800S was scrapped in favor of specialist 2017/AU4G alloy parts, including an all new frame, tank, seat pan and tailpiece, mud guards and instrument holder. And then of course, there is the front suspension, which is a faithful modern representation of a vintage system, with a hidden shock in the steering column.

The air intake has also been redesigned to fit in with the modern aesthetic, along with the LED headlight unit up front. Thierry clocked over eight hundred hours of work into this build and it's not hard to see where all the time went; every inch of this wild build is flawless, from the brave tail piece to the ingenious front end.