This machine named BLACKSQUARE weighs just 375 pounds and packs the potent Honda CB550 four-cylinder engine. Here is what the BLACKSQUARE creator has to say about this particular custom

BLACKSQUARE is a unique custom motorcycle based on a HONDA CB550. It was built with the objective to optimize form and function, and to maximize the power to weight ratio. In other words, a custom motorcycle that is elegant and simple in appearance, and which is safe and fun to ride. The solution was in pursuing a minimalist approach with attention to detail. Everything that is not essential for the machine to run has been eliminated. There are no instruments. No mirrors. No front fender. No switches. No blinkers. No conveniences. No luxuries. A headlight, taillights and a license plate holder are present and functional since they are required by law. The motorcycle is street legal.

Only the frame, engine, front forks, rear wheel hub, and side covers were retained from the 1977 original. All other motorcycle components were either custom-made or custom-fitted. Aluminum, brass and stainless steel were used for all new custom motorcycle parts such as foot pegs, clutch and brake pedals, seat pan, brackets, velocity stacks, exhaust pipes, wheels and spokes, and many others. As a result, the motorcycle’s weight was reduced to a total of 375 lbs. This makes it possible that machine and rider could weigh a combined total of 550 lbs. Considering the engine’s displacement is 550 cc, this translates to 1 cc for a pound of weight. That is as good as a 2014 PORCHE 911 Carrera 4 weighing in at 3,353 lbs. and sporting a 3,456 cc engine!