BMW R80 by Diamond Atelier




Diamond Atelier is a company based in Munich and is founded in2014 by Tom Konecny, and Pablo Steigleder. “We’re not building bikes to become rich and famous,” says Tom, “but to add something to the custom scene. “We’ve never raced around a track, but we know what looks good. And that’s what we’re trying to achieve.”

This 1992 BMW R80 have 18” spoked front wheel and floating brake discs from an R100R. They replace the stock master cylinder and brake calibers with new ones from Brembo. To complete the cafe racer look, forks have been lowered three inches, and are clamped by custom upper triples.

They used Fehling clipon bars including Magura levers and a Tommaselli quick-action throttle system. The headlight is a combination between modern and old, and was assembled mainly from Yamaha and Honda parts.

The tail section was built from scratch and is padded with industrial-grade caoutchouc. The frame was completely de-tabbed and cleaned up, and new housings were designed for the alternator, starter and shaft drive. Finally, the pale blue finish was hand-mixed, accented with black pin striping as a nod to BMW’s heritage.