BMW R80/7 “Marie-Madelleine” by Atelier Maquerelle




All of the custom builders have something in common, no matter where they’re coming from…they look at their bikes like they are looking at the beautiful women. Meet the Marie-Madelleine, a custom (lady) BMW R80/7 dreamt and built by the French garage and atelier “Maquerelle”. People would say some like them short, some tall, some chubby or lean, but the French like them special… kinda like the women from 60s and 70s but in modern context. The ones that arn’t shy to show their curves, wearing couple of extra pounds with style and grace.


The Marie-Madelleine is just like that. She’s beautiful, bulky and stylish. And she is all natural, using wood as the main source of built custom parts. The emphasis is on two beautiful headlights, a custom leather seat and a overall sexy stance. The fenders are stock, but cut and repositioned for that perfect timeless look.