BMW Predator F800R by Vilner




Vilner has taken the time to give the BMW F800R a once over to create the beast you see below known as the Predator. The motorcycle received a complete aesthetic redesign with plenty of components now made from carbon fiber.

There is an amazing blend of composite and chrome below. The company’s engineers set about shortening the motorcycle by almost 10 inches. Vilner also changed the dual saddle for a single solo seat and remade the headlight setup. Some really sweet LED’s have replaced the standard stock headlight bulbs, and a set of repurposed BMW Z4 turning indicators are now part of the action.

The Predator motorcycle remains largely unchanged mechanically, though Vilner threw in a really cool hand-built exhaust setup. This motorcycle yields around 87 horsepower from it’s beefy 800cc power-plant.

Source Vilner