BMW R100 Twin Turbo by Boxer Metal


The technicalities, the complications and the whole idea of putting a turbo in a custom bike was just being absorbed, when Chris and Rebecca from Boxer Metal thought out of the box and finalised to go with…..twin turbos! Yes, its the 1980 BMW R100 Twin Turbo from Boxer Metal which was built to showcase another example of sheer passion and imagination. A motorcycle Chris built not only to impress or to draw all the attention at the One Moto Show, but to beautifully give path to his 15-year dream based on his will power. Hence, it all started with Chris’ basic idea to build a motorcycle which rode just as well as it looked.

A design started to take shape with the help of BMW Motorrad, Germany. Chris thought it was a good idea to strip the whole bike down to sand it and strengthen it with larger diameter steel. Then a solo seat was added after the frame was powder coated. In the mid-section, a fuel injection set-up was used as a replacement for stock carbs to fuel the 980 cc horizontally opposed boxer twin. While the seat pan and fender of this BMW R100 Twin Turbo from Boxer Metal were made by in-house, the upholstery was done by Quality Upholstery.

Source Boxer Metal & columnm