BMW R 75/6 Café Racer by Luis M. Etchenique


Luis M. Etchenique bought a 1976 abandoned BMW R75/6. It was a perfect base for his project.

"My interest in Café Racer began in Madrid in the 1970s and since then I have always been interested in creating my own version.   My objective was to emphasize the muscular and sporting aspect of the bike, while respecting its sober and dignified elegance, dismantling it completely to ensure mechanical reliability, and re-conditioning was slow and careful"  said Luis.

The engine has received a Big Bore kit of 892 cc (R90 / 6) which together with improvements to the intake and exhaust system greatly improved the performance.  The original exhaust manifolds were used. The original filter box has been replaced by a custom aluminum "lid" and each carburetor "breathes" through its own air filter. 

The battery was replaced by a much lighter Shorai lithium battery, which is now hidden under the rear subframe.  The electrical system ia inside a small box and placed under the frame of the chassis.

The original forks has been restored and reinforced with a "bracket".  The paint was stripped from the rims, and the braking system was restored.  The seat Luis opts for a single seat, built by Boxercafe in fiberglass.


Source lsrbikes