BMW R Nine TT by Wunderlich & Nicolas Petit


Wunderlich and French designer Nicolas Petit come forth with Nine TT, a new custom incarnation based off BMW's successful R nineT roadster. The Nine TT harks back to the Isle of Man racers in the '50s, and even though we're talking about a high-performance modern machine, BMW's "ready-for-customization" makes a big difference.

Nicolas Petit's Nine TT brings back memories from the golden era of motorcycling, with its retro vibes somehow reminding us about Matchless, Norton, and obviously, BMW.

The short tail of the R nineT was maintained, and Petit proposes a custom seat made of genuine leather, with an integrated small rear hump. Clearly, the Nine TT was not made for two-up riding, as the passenger footrests are also gone.

A bold, racy exhaust introduces authentic Manx spirit, while keeping the rear section free and sporty, and the low clip-on bars change the riding position to a more aggressive one.

The headlight nacelle and the bubble screen are probably the elements that contribute the most to changing the bike's overall appearance. A somewhat bulky casing now integrates the headlight, replacing the small, unobtrusive bezel on the stock machine.

A miniature bubble screen can be attached to it using several screws, adding wind protection and providing something for the rider to hide behind at high speed. Apparently, the bubble and the headlight lens can be also ordered in retro yellow.

The Nine TT pictured above is only one of the possible results of shopping over at Wunderlich, but their catalog of retro parts is packed with tons of cool add-ons.

A bike that HAD to be as cool as people want it to be


Source Wunderlich