BMW R NineT "Paranoia" by Onehandmade


This BMW R NineT dubbed “Paranoia”, comes from the workshop of Taiwanese motorcycle builders OneHandMade. The custom build screams handmade craftsmanship that has been beautifully executed by the Taiwanese builders!

This R nine T custom was a commissioned project, built for a customer looking for a café-styled bike. The man behind the build is Taipei-based Chun Hung. Unlike most builders, Chun Hung instead of drawing his designs, starts by directly making them.

The way the modifications are done not only make the bike look boldly artistic, but also provide solid function behind the form. The BMW R NineT’s onboard computers have been shifted to under the tank, along with the battery and ABS module (generally found under the seat). And to ensure that the machine gets the right handling and performance its looks compliment, Chun has replaced the stock suspensions with better Ohlins suspensions while the wheels are now BST carbon fibre units. The rearsets come from SATO Racing, bar end signals and the speedometer are from German Motogadget.

To finish it all into one beautiful package, Air Runner Custom Paint provides the paint in which the aluminium is intentionally left unpainted for the raw look while hand-made brass badges offer the final finishing touches.

Source Onehandmade - Facebook