BMW S1000RR Turbo by Motokouture Motorcycles


Motokouture Motorcycles garage based in Belgium, have taken the already awesome BMW S1000RR to the ultimate extreme: they’ve turbo charged it.  Absolute insanity but why not. Motorcycles were never intended to be practical anyway.


In an interview with Bikeexif, company boss Steven Decaluwe said: “BMW made it hard, presenting me with a high-tech sport bike, full of electronics, with an already superb chassis, engine and performance chart.  Being bored of the moderateness in the so-called ‘custom scene,’ I found my inspiration in starting from scratch - no rules, no expectations.   “I wanted to prove that the chassis and electronic riding aids are so extreme they can even tame a turbocharged engine.”


Steven installed a Garrett turbocharger, complete with an electronic actuator that hooked up to the electronic control module.  It’s neatly hidden under a new custom made fuel tank and the air box.


The engine management software was reconfigured accordingly, and new engine maps were installed. The compression ratio was dropped to 9.2:1.

A new set of air intakes was installed, with two nestled between the headlights, and one at the side. 


Custom exhaust headers and Spark muffler was added.


Due to the new power boost, Steven upgraded the suspension using Öhlins front fork internals, and added ceramic-coated carbon fiber fork tubes for a bit of extra support. At the rear, he added a carbon fiber swing arm, as well as a pair of HP4 wheels.


In stock form, the BMW S1000RR produces 199 hp, and is now pushed up to 296 hp at the rear wheel, with 145 Nm of torque at 9100 rpm and a top speed limited to 198 mph (319 km/h) and now weighing in at 432 pounds! (196 kg).


Steven’s named his beast ‘VDC#92/MK30,’ as a tribute to his friend and Belgian racer, Vick De Cooremeter, who tragically lost his life in 2014.


Source Motokouture Motorcycles