Buell 1125 by Rex Marsee Cuatoms




Larry Brinker and Rex Marsee  acquired this original Buell 1125  and set about modifying it. They expected the bike to be very popular , and a great platform for tuning and other custom parts. A great business model given the unforeseeability of H-Ds axe falling on the brand a few years later.

The thoroughness of their approach is evidenced by the fact that the bike was completely disassembled before the frame, wheels and other components were powder coated grey. The original fairing was replaced with a mini-variant together with a pair of small, vertically stacked headlights. Air scoops were fabricated to extend over both sides of the air intake and blend into the radiator scoops.

From the back, the huge stock plate, signal, and taillight bracket has been replaced by a single compact unit that fits into the original mounting location, becoming almost invisible from the side. The stock signals have been replaced by tiny models. The rear passenger pegs have been replaced by fabricated grab handles that double as tiedown locations.

The original caf style bars were replaced with motocross bars, creating a much more comfortable riding position.

Not content with these cosmetic and functional changes to the bodywork and chassis, Larry and Rex decided to develop their own exhaust system with the help of Big Gun. The unit they developed is tucked in neatly, and does away with the need for a heat guard. This attractive unit posed considerable tuning challenges, however, but after modifying the intake and fuel injection mapping, the pair ultimately coaxed an additional 4 hp from the already efficient stocker, along with a beefier torque curve. The new exhaust also dropped a boat load of weight. In total, roughly 40 pounds were removed from the Buell 1125R.

I took a brief ride on this naked monster. It was nimble, and the weight reduction was evident. The fuel injection was rough, however, and the bike is definitely too loud for road use in its current state. I understand that there is an insert available for the exhaust, however, that can bring the decibels down to a more acceptable level.

Source MD & Rex Marsee Cuatoms