Ducati Monster Bulgari by Vilner








Bulgaria’s Vilner is quickly becoming one of the brightest stars in the tuning world thanks to its extremely elegant creations on 2 and 4 wheels, This is there Ducati Bulgari, a classy rendition of the Monster 1100 Evo.

The design team who worked on the project was inspired by the anatomical shape of the praying mantis, a notorious insect that is famous for its “post-nuptial cannibalism” (with the female killing the male after mating) and also because its graceful movements are believed to be somewhat inspirational to Kung Fu.

 The bike is slightly more compact than the normal Monster to make it more maneuverable in city traffic, while the engine has been given an extra 10 hp.

The addition of the two side banels under the frame details are meant to improve the response of the bike to vibration, but also contribute to make the ‘Bulgari’ even more classy than the model it derives from.