Ducati Panigale R  'The Blue Shark'


The CEO of Parts World, Andy Matter, worked in collaboration with Ducati Switzerland, Schaub Metalworks and exhaust manufacturer Akrapovic, to create this naked Panigale R 'The Blue Shark' café racer. 

Andy said: “After browsing the web and many other sources, I found out that no one had ever customized a Panigale R as a cafe racer. Moreover, even the Ducati specialists were doubtful anyone would succeed with such a project. That said ‘Hey, it is already the world’s most beautiful sportsbike, you can only make it worse!”

Regarding the Ducati L-twin 205hp engine, there was not much to do, but many hours were spent to move and reposition all the wiring for ABS, traction control, data analyser, wheelie control etc.

The aluminum work has been entrusted to Schaub Metalworks, and was all forged by hand.  This includes the 60's style tank, the fairing which surrounds the front light, and air inlet for the engine.

Akrapovic adapted a WSBK specification exhaust system into the build.