Ducati Scrambler Peace Sixty 2 by Mr Martini


Peace Sixty2 was created by Mr. Martini, an Italian customizer who looked to the aesthetic of the 1960’s to create his machine for the Verona show. It’s Plexiglas front fairing and single seat tail piece giving it a racy look, along with a Termignoni exhaust and clip-ons. The leather seat is a handmade piece, its red an homage to the Ducati brand and a nice contrast against the graphite and raw metal of the bodywork and tank. According to Ducati press, Mr. Martini was looking to “express a state of mind” with Peace Sixty2, a state emphasized by the lyrics of John Lennon’s “Imagine” ringed around the number 62 on the side of the bike.

Taking cues from racing bikes of the sixties Mr Martini created a fiberglass front fairing for the Peace Sixty2. Finished in a two tone paint scheme and racing number surrounded by lyrics from John Lennon's "Imagine", it completely conceals the bikes engine and its identity.

A plexiglass windshield adds a new twist to front fairings by extending over the front of the fairing to reveal  its LED surround headlight. Clip on handlebars  tuck the rider in behind the windscreen and are paired with rear set foot pegs to transform the riding position of this Sixty2 Scrambler. A redesigned rear subframe supports the fiberglass tail end and converts the bike to a single seater.

A Termignoni exhaust system frees up some extra horses from the 400cc motor and the weight saved by replacing the stock rear end makes the bike even more nimble than it's 900cc sibling. A custom red leather, 3 pad seat finishes off the tail end and a rainbow racing stripe down the tank completes the bikes peace theme.