Harley XR1200TT by Shaw Speed & Custom





Based near Brighton, in the UK, Shaw Speed & Custom (SS&C) create some of the best Harley-Davidson custom bikes in the world. Led by Steve Willis, SS&C have already created more than 90 amazing machines, which have been sold to customers in the US, Australia and practically all over Europe.

The best Harley custom bikes in the world? Yes, thatís correct. Just take one look at their latest machine, the stunning, beautifully-made XR1200TT, which is SS&Cís interpretation of Cal Raybornís 1960s Harley XR750 TT. The SS&C XR1200TT features a heavily modified version of a fairing used on a land speed record-setting streamliner, front fender from a Suzuki MotoGP bike (!), aftermarket headlamp, custom-built rear seat unit with flush-fitted taillamp and indicator lights, 17-inch Dymag wheels, Ohlins suspension at both ends, Brembo brakes with radial-mount calipers at the front, and a custom-built exhaust system with Akrapovic carbon end cans from a BMW X6.

With fuel-injection mapping taken from XR1200 Cup racebikes, the SS&C XR1200TT already has 100 horsepower at the rear wheel, and the engine might be tuned further for even more power in the near future. The stock XRís belt-drive has been replaced with a chain and sprocket system, which is in keeping with the XR1200TTís sporting intent.

Source Faster & Faster