Buell XB9R Hellbender Motors




If you start with a bike like a Buell XB9R which is already fairly minimal and take off what you don’t think is necessary, you end up with a pretty basic bike. If you add a turbo, you end up with something that looks like a lot of fun. Jens Krüper has a company called Hillbilly Motors over in Germany and this Buell is the result of his handiwork. Specializing in high performance and racing parts for Buells, Jens put together the Hellbender to give other builders some ideas and to show how a few of his parts can dramatically change the bike.

Horsepower with the M-Tek turbo is 145 plus you get 121 foot pounds in the torque department, the only problem I see is keeping the front end planted, but not everyone would consider that a problem.

If you like lots of power in a short, light package, you can buy many of the pieces he used from his company. He offers the short tailsection and seat, triple tree, footpegs, handgrips, sprokets, belt tensioner, in other words, you can do some of this work yourself and try to build a bike like this or, if you wait until he is done with the final assembly work and showing the bike around, you can buy it from him for 27.000 Euro or $32,000. Pretty cool.

Source   The kneeslider.com /   Hillbilly Motors