Hybrid motorcycles




Hybrid motorcycles have not been as much of a hot topic in the motorcycle world as in the auto world. Motorcycles already get pretty decent mileage and there is more talk of going straight to electric power without the intermediate hybrid step. However, as proved by the Yamaha Gen-Ryu, there is work being done in that direction.

The concepts shown here are the result of a collaboration between eCycles, a company developing brushless DC electric motors, and Machineart, an industrial design firm that’s previously come up with several other motorcycle designs.

These are the ec1 (blue bike), ec2 (red bike ) and ec3 (silver bike), focusing on three different segments of the motorcycle world:

Concept eC1 is the visual descendant of the Honda 90 step-through design of the early 60’s that put a generation of mainstream customers on two wheels. It is the run-about-town model designed to look light and easy.

Concept eC2 captures a sportbike flavor while retaining the same large seat and comfortable handlebar relationship of the eC1. It has minimal bodywork and a light, nose-down attitude.

Concept eC3 is a commuter variation that adds wind protection in addition to an integrated tail rack and side cases. The upper assembly is cantilevered from the top of the monocoque structure.


Performance is projected to be 0-60 of 6 seconds, top speed of 80 mph and mileage of 150 mpg. Several types of engines can be used for the non-electric part of the hybrid pair.

The designs look pretty good and if hybrids or any other type of alternative power is going to gain acceptance among motorcyclists, you have to have something that doesn’t put people off as soon as they see it. Although these are just concepts, if something like this were actually built, you might see quite a few folks willing to give it a try, depending on those other factors like range and price, of course, neither of which were addressed in the press release.

Source Thekneeslider.com      eCycle  /  Machineart