Quattrocento by XTR Pepo





This modified French built MASH 500, was build by Jose Pepo of XTR (formally from Radical Ducati). Virtually all of the MASH 500 that remains is the learner-bike’s engine, and a few pieces of the frame.

Quattrocento Build List:

  • Donor Bike : MASH five hundred.
  • Original Modified frame with new rear subframe.
  • XTR cantilever swingarm.
  • Betor gas monoschock.
  • Aprilia RS 125 front fork with radial caliper
  • Brembo PR19 radial brake pump
  • Frentubo brake line
  • NG oversized rotor
  • Original front hub with Excel rim
  • Yamaha TZR 80 modified front mudguard
  • TT rev counter
  • XTR front light
  • Aluminium front plate number
  • XTR front support
  • Tomaselli regulable clipons
  • Suzuki Bandit clutch lever
  • Modified Ducati 160 Sport fuel tank for mount fuel pump and fuel gauge.
  • Monza gas tap
  • RAD 02 F3 solo seat modified with upholstery.
  • Montesa rear light
  • Led blinkers
  • Ergal Cnc machined Ducati 1098 footrest.
  • Tsubaki gold chain
  • Original rear hub with Excel rim.
  • Modified rear Brake cover for better cooling
  • Suzuki GSXR side stand
  • LIPO battery
  • Electronic Fuel injection
  • DNA race air filter
  • Supermario two in one exhaust system with megaphone
  • Artenruta painting

Source XTR Pepo