Skrunkwerks BMW R100 Salt Racer




Skrunkwerks' Salt Racer is the perfect proof that old bikes can spearhead privateer racing programs and look amazing while at it. It took 18 months of painstaking work, but the resulting R100 is a bike BMW Motorrad themselves could be proud of.

The frame of the Salt Racer has been thoroughly modified and strengthened with special laser-cut braces welded in place to add structural resilience even in the most demanding situations, such as racing on salt flats. The engine even got an aftermarket oil cooler and external filter adapter to provide better cooling.

Skrunkwerks chose a BMW R1100RT swingarm for the rear suspension, and mated it to a R1100S bevel drive. The drive component has a taller gearing, which serves the racing purpose of the Salt Racer. Also, the rear section got a Hyperpro shock and a custom adjustable torque arm to keep everything in control and make amends if necessary.

A BMW K100 donated its wheels, while the fork was sourced from a Suzuki GSX-R600. If they look somewhat weird, it's because both calipers have been removed. The salt plain has plenty of space for a race bike to slow down gradually, using only the rear brake. Plus, not front brakes means a serious weight reduction, as well.

The two cylinders have been overhauled, as some of the cooling fins were broken. The valve, intake and exhaust ports have been enlarged, and the heads got a second spark plug. The fuel system received dual Lectron Power Jet Pro carburetors to deal with the increased flow.

Skrunkwerks designed and crafted in-house a special ram-air intake system that dramatically increases the air flow into the engine. Protruding on either side of the engine, these two carbon "horns" change everything you and we knew about the R100 boxer power plant and transform it into a real beast.

Rear and front carbon fenders are a fancy match for the carbon fiber seat pan that integrates the rear cowl and follows the lines of the fuel tank. This piece is an olde fiberglass tank which was cut and welded multiple times until it reached the perfect shape.

A minimalist dashboard adorns the front end, as the Salt Racer doesn't need a headlight. The last addition was a steering damper which is more of a mandatory part on race bikes.

Sleek and exceptionally rich-looking, the Skrunkwerks BMW R100 Salt Racer is the perfect example of less-is-more philosophy.


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