The Yamaprilia is a Yamaha RZ350 motor, wedged into an Aprilia RS250 frame, and wrapped in a mix of hand-made and top-shelf parts. The project was three years in the making by South African Gareth Evans.

Gareth explains: “The Yamaha RZ option was a really nice compromise, with the ability to extract some real power out of the little motor without the weight and complexity of a four cylinder getting in the way.”

It is an interesting build, as it involves Evans fabricating more than a few parts himself – something that is easier to do when you have a background in mechanical engineering, like Gareth has.

Notable custom parts include the bike’s rear subframe, triple clamps, neck pin, rear axle, chain slider, swingarm pivot, and rear brake caliper carrier. Most of the nuts and bolts you are looking at on the machine are made from titanium, and the bodywork is obviously made from carbon fiber.

Other go-fast parts include the Öhlins forks from a Ducati Panigale, as well as an Öhlins TTX rear shock. The wheels are carbon fiber BST units, with brakes by Brembo, with 320mm discs up front and an RCS19 master cylinder.

Like everything else on the build, the RZ350 engine has of course been given the once over as well, with all the internals replaced with high-performance components.

The build is featured by BikeEXIF