Alfabeast V6




When people get bored of V-twins but they still like the old school style they end up creating unique motorcycles with unheard off features. The old Harley doesn’t keep up with your riding style and your wife’s Alfa Romeo sounds a little too sporty for shopping so you come with the idea: a Kraftech frame (Harley) fitted with a 2.5V Alfa Romeo engine. These two features are a good starting point but check out the picture and try to imagine if the work finished there. It certainly didn’t. The months of work seem to pay off as the Alfabike is becoming very popular owing to its Italian six-cylinders and American frame.

The one-off bike was created by one Chris Barber who fitted Alfa's V6 on a Kraftec frame. There are six individual exhaust pipes (three on each side) while the Weber carburetors breath through a set of pipes that stick out from the gas tank.

The 2.5-liter V6 engine is hooked up to a 4-speed transmission from a Harley Davidson while the forks and braking system are sourced from a Kawasaki ZXR-750 superbike.