Asphaltfighters Kawasaki ZX-10R Stormbringer




Asphaltfighters, who recently unveiled their Kawasaki ZX-10R-based Stormbringer at the 2009 Essen Motor Show in Germany, claim it’s the fastest streetbike in the world. Fitted with a heavily modified ZX-10R engine, the Stormbringer has a top speed of more than 320km/h and, even more impressively, it can accelerate from zero to 300km/h in just 13.9 seconds! (Zero to 100km/h comes up in 2.9 seconds, while zero to 200km/h takes 6.5 seconds.)

The Stormfighter’s 1,000cc Kawasaki engine has been fettled to produce 220 horsepower at 13,500rpm, while the bike’s wet weight has been pared down to 195 kilos. In ‘booster mode,’ the engine can produce up to 280 horsepower, though only for a few seconds at a time, presumably to stop the engine from melting down completely...

Fancy bits on the Stormbringer include a rear-view camera system that eliminates the need for conventional rearview mirrors, a heads-up display that projects the current speed onto the bike’s windscreen, Xenon headlamp and LED daytime running lights, Akrapovic exhaust and a 10-stage traction control system. The bike rides on 17-inch alloy wheels from OZ, shod with Bridgestone’s Battlax BT-016 tyre

The Asphaltfighters Stormbringer will be built by Warm Up in small numbers in Aalen, Germany, and will be priced at 57,500 euros (US$86,000). And if you think that’s a bit too much for a modded ZX-10R, get this – the price includes “a precisely fitting leather suit and a carbonfibre and Kevlar helmet whose aerodynamic properties make it perfectly suited for the extremely high speeds this motorcycle can reach.”