BMW K1300R by Wunderlich




For those who think the K1200R wasn’t funky enough already, Wunderlich (Germany-based BMW hop-up specialists…) have built the Caranguejeira. A large Brazilian Tarantula spider, the Caranguejeira doesn’t wait for its prey to get trapped in a web. Nope, it simply hunts them down, killing its prey by injecting venom through its fangs. Definitely not one to be messed with…

The Caranguejeira was designed for Wunderlich by Bart van den Bogaard, a Netherlands-based designer. The mods comprise a new headlamp cluster, new taillamps, ZARD exhaust system, new handlebars, instrument relocation kit, dual air inlets (in place of the stock bike’s single inlet) with free-flow air-filters, adjustable brake and clutch levers and an aluminium bellypan.

The engine, chassis and suspension have been kept stock, though Wunderlich claim a 5bhp hike in power due to the dual air inlet thing.