BMW R1200C Custom by Robert Levinson




Back in 1997, BMW took a tilt at the Harley-Davidson market with the R1200C. It was big and relatively underpowered, with just 61bhpbut Teutonic engineering and smart suspension design made up for that. Robert Levinson, however, has transformed his R1200C into a completely different machine. Hes raided BMWs ample parts bin to create a high-performance bike with a unique look and a hint of a streetfighter vibe.

The engine is running high compression BBPower pistons matched to ported and polished heads, S-spec cams and GS throttle bodies. A custom lightweight exhaust frees up the breathing, and its all controlled by a Techlusion-tuned ECU. The new power is fed through a 6-speed gearbox and paralever suspension lifted from an 1100S. The suspension is equally high-spec, with an R1100S Boxer Cup Replika front end; at the back, the frame has been modified to accept an S-spec monoshock. The finishing touch is the front headlight arrangement (and bars) from the R1150R Rockster.

Source bikeexif