BMW S 1000RR Megalodon Design by Steven Flier




“Megalodon” – the prehistoric great white shark. We don’t know for certain if they ever existed, but in out minds we would like to believe they did. A true prime-evil monster, much like the latest superbike coming from Bavarian factory – the all mighty BMW S1000RR. You can clearly draw parallels between these two, with BMW on top of the superbike food chain. S1000RR will “eat” everything in it’s path, no question about that, just like Megalodon once did.

The Creator is Steven Flier and his design studio, working hand in hand with Daniel Sattler of Boso-San motorcycle technology. The first step was to prepare a preliminary design, and apply it to all “asymmetrical” sides of this fascinating bike. Although there are some dramatic aesthetics changes done – the full driveability of the bike was unharmed. Riders will still be able to burn the track down and hunt (and eat) everything that moves in front of their bikes mouth.

A fossilized bone structure, gaping jaw, exposed muscle and beating heart on top of the tank are just some of the details of this brilliant visual re-design. Yellow tinted headlights are icing on the cake. We wish there is more designs like this, well though off and executed.

Source Steven Flier Design