DP Customs Hot Rod Café Racer




DP Custom Cycles based in Arizona, build this 1985 XL. Featuring Ford Grabber Blue and white stripes, the custom is visually set off by cast aluminium emblems and classic IRC rubber.

No major tinkering was required as the custom was concocted from a proper running donor. Being one of the last Ironheads – it was replaced in 1986 by the Evolution engine – the 1000cc motor is bolted directly to the frame.

All the seals and gaskets were replaced, and quite a bit of effort was spent on making the rear cowl out of a single sheet of steel. Similar to their stunning 79 Café Racer, the fuel tank is a NOS Italian Benelli that has had its lines softened. Again, the frame is more or less stock, but modified to allow the tank and cowl to fit, while the comfy seat boasts old-school diamond stitching. Most of the remaining parts were either painstakingly restored or replaced with new ones, and all the wiring, controls and accessories are new.

Source DP Custom Cycles