Ducati Flashback 1098R by Mr. Martini




Nicola Martini describes his workshop as a “laboratory of ideas”. And right now, the Verona-based builder is pushing the visual envelope harder than almost anyone else on the custom scene. This is “Flash Back” a fearless reworking of the Ducati 1098R. To some it will be sacrilegious, but to others, it will be thought-provoking. The design is dominated by the engine shrouds, which are becoming a trademark of Mr Martini’s specials.
 Given that the 1098R is effectively a road-legal WSBK machine, most of the mods are to the bodywork. (The stock 1098R puts out 155 rear wheel horsepower and weighs just 422 lbs wet.) The ultra-light side fairings are carbon fiber, the wheels are BST carbon items, and the exhaust system is a mix of Zard, Ducati’s own WSBK-spec manifolds, and custom terminals. The seat, however, is a delicious throwback—it’s crafted using Connolly leather taken from a 1959 MG sports car.
 It’s a provocative restyle that will no doubt create controversy. But in a world of cookie-cutter customs, it’s good to see a builder unafraid to take risks.