BMW R1200GSM by Machineart





Machineart Industrial Design, an Industrial Design and Product Development firm has completed the R1200GSM, a design study that proposes a new visual language for the iconic BMWR1200GS, the best selling motorcycle in the Adventure Touring category. The GSM is designed to look lighter, appear more agile, and faster than the current production GS and is characterized by flowing lines, smooth surface transitions, and a part break-up that reduce its visual bulk. It departs from the heavy, exag- gerated forms and complex details of the stock GS while retaining the tough look expected in the adventure touring category.

The GSM was built to promote the design focus of the MachineartMoto brand of aftermarket parts for current production BMW R1200 series bikes and to showcase its X-Head cylinder guards, Slipscreen windscreen, and MudSling™ fenders. Machineart-

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