Wrenchmonkees Kawasaki Z 1000




The history of this 1977 Kawasaki Z1000A is entwined in the history of the company, because it’s been in and out of the Copenhagen workshop since the start. It was originally owned by a mechanic friend of the Wrenchmonkees, who bought the bike for just $2,000. When it arrived, it would barely run—but it’s now a high-performance machine finished in the ‘Monkees signature dark style.

“As most homebuilders know, it’s hard to keep focus on a project when months and sometimes years pass by,” says Wrenchmonkee Per. “And you kind of forget why you even started in the first place. It always ends up being more expensive than first assumed …” But the motor has now been rebuilt, and upgraded for even more power with a Wiseco 1075 kit. It’s also fitted with Z1000J carbs and K&N filters.

The Wrenchmonkees have kept the stock headers, but swapped out the mufflers for their ‘Megatron’ items. Handling gets a boost with a big GSX-R transplant—including forks, wheels and brakes—while Bitubo shocks bring up the rear. The frame has been reinforced and the rear subframe cut down; the seat/tail unit is a custom item, although the tank is stock.

The look is long and low, and quite heavy-set. But the handling, thanks to the modern suspension, is reportedly “light and agile”.

Source Bike EXIF