Ducati Scrambler Concepts I by Gannet Design


Ducati Scrambler with a trellis frame extending over the tank, Surely, this has nothing to do with any conservative idea, but you know, that’s how creativity works…

Certain fellows will object on the overkill nature of the trellis abuse, but if one plans to hit the dirt like a boss, he or she cannot just eliminate the thought of several falls to the ground. This is where the exoskeleton might work as an uber-crashbar and spare you the troubles of a punctured tank.  the massive bash plate under the engine adds even more terrainability.

Modern classic a custom-made frame which strays from the trellis heritage but which keeps the overall attire of the bike within the classic limits. Of course the MX carbon fiber front fender might look a bit too modern, nit it matches well with the rest of the shields and covers and the rear subframe which integrated the fender and the seat. Just add a red livery and racing stripes.


The 'Coppertail' design concept, of the Ducati Scrambler by  Ulfert Janssen  from Gannet Design, will differ from the original bike.

It is designed to have a new seat and tank, as well as a spoked front wheel with a new exhaust and no lights.

The 'Blue' concepts will have lights, blue paintwork and will be the street version of the 'Coppertail' concept.

Normally, rust is one of the things we don’t want to see on our bikes, but in some cases, artificially- created rust or exquisite rust-like paint is THE thing. Janssen’s first ne proposal is a bike which blends in the conservative, retro-inspired flat seat base pan, even though high-tech carbon fiber accents are inserted into the project.

From fenders to heat shields and side panels, carbon fiber matches the dark attire of this Scrambler, while the evil slash-cur low pipes add a most welcome dose of aggressiveness to the build.