Ducati SS by Oberdan Bezzi


Oberdan Bezzi, latest creationDucati Supersport. He named the bike Superlight, even though its moniker translated in Italian might lead to some confusions. That is because Superlight translates to Superleggera, and we're already talking about a completely different machine.

The Bezzi Superlight has a great story to tell and comes with a strong potential

Oberdan's SuperSport reincarnation is (at least visually) derived from the Scrambler platform. In the real life, we'd need an entirely new frame to get things going, plus sport suspensions and road-focused wheels.

The engine, which belongs to a phased-out Monster is enough to provide the rider with quite a lot of thrills. It may lack the vile attitude of the Panigale machines, but we're looking for simplicity, a light weight, sharp maneuverability and a good price.

Bezzi believes that such a bike would effortlessly tick all the boxes, being fast, providing excellent cornering and "flipability", being light and cheap, at least by Ducati's standards.

In a way, he proposes a Monster engine in SuperSport clothes and everything tuned and tweaked for sporty on-road performance. How Borgo Panigale perceives such a suggestion is hard to estimate, but an affordable sport bike with the classic L-twin rumble and SS looks could be a hit in emerging markets. Source autoevolution.com