Kawasaki Ninja H2 Cafe Racer Extreme by Gannet Design’s




Gannet Design’s Ulfert Janssen’ latest rendering of the Kawasaki Ninja H2-based naked machine. As Ulfert himself tells us, he wanted to “de-batmanize” the Ninja H2, and add more fluid volumes to it. Still he also wanted to retain a hefty dose of extreme engineering showing off, and looking closely at this rendering, the managed to have things exactly the way he wanted.

Those who don’t know how the Ninja H2 frame looks like will definitely have a hard time recognizing the Gannet café racer. This might be of course, both good and bad, depending on which side of bike design are you on.

Since the menacing fairing is gone, the trellis frame shines in all its splendor and the bulbous tank is neatly integrated with it. The short rear subframe provides just enough place for a roomy tuck and roll bespoke solo seat with dual shorty, slash-cut exhausts underneath it.

According to Ulfert Janssen,the belly pan was added for a better stance and “visual stability”. The black collector wraps are definitely one of the last things anyone expected to see on a Ninja H2, but this time they look just right.

The generous carbon fiber air intake ports and channel have been reduced to a smaller profile, but this might prove to be not enough in the real life. The supercharger increases dramatically the volume of air the Ninja H2 needs, and Kawasaki knew what they were doing when they added two large intake vents…
As for the front end, the lowered clip-ons are a wonderful complement for the yellow-lens retro round headlight, while the additional stacked projectors could be a bit overkill for some.