Moto Guzzi Ginza by Oberdan Bezzi





Oberdan Bezzi latest creation, the Moto Guzzi Ginza. Oberdan says that Ginza may in fact be the actual name of the next Guzzi muscle pack, a power cruiser based on the California 1400 platform, but with a heap of tweaks and upgrades to turn it from a cruiser into an asphalt scorching machine.

Ginza is the “upscale shopping area” of the Japanese capital Tokyo and we can believe that Mandello, it indeed the rumors are true, is eyeing to deliver a modern reinterpretation to its California, largely dominated by the top-drawer exclusive character mixed with a hefty dose of pure street evilness.

However, such an ostentatious display of Italian muscle is said to be aimed at more than Japanese customers. Bezzi says that the new firm lines of such a model would bring together power cruiser lovers from the entire world including the traditionalists on both shores of the Atlantic.

The laid-back lines of the California 1400 are revamped with much aggressiveness

While the unmistakable Guzzi engine powering the California 1400 was retained alongside its mighty shaft final drive, the Ginza is a completely different breed. Bezzi’s frame is a lot sportier and favors a more aggressive riding style, more suitable for a proper power cruiser, while the suspensions and the brakes are also upgraded with matching high-spec parts, such as pside-down forks with radial-mount calipers and remote piggyback reservoir rear shocks.