Yamaha MT-07 Scrambler  by Oberdan Bezzi

Yamaha XSR 700 by Oberdan Bezzi


Meet the Coolest Brothers, two of Oberdan Bezzi's latest creations, The one bike harks back to the European retro machines and the other has American Roadster DNA. Both bikes have a revised exhaust system that brings both collectors to the right side, and it's very interesting to see how much the two seem to differ only because of the heatshields.
 Oberdan Bezzi added a chin spoiler to the American brother and a bash plate to the European bike, and this introduces a noticeable change in the entire attire of the bikes, something that was dearly missed from the initial XSR700.
 The American bro also got a small front cowl housing the headlight and the classic racing black/yellow speedblocks livery. Its sibling received tank pads and both machines replaced the uncanny radiator half-shrouds with larger plates which looks cleaner, tidier and seem to add a little to the functionality as they seem to draw more wind into the radiator.