Yamaha TDM 1200 Super Tènèrè by Oberdan Bezzi


Oberdan Bezzi proposes a potential design for the Super TDM 1200. Yamaha could create a 1200cc version of the TDM fairly easily, starting from the XT1200Z Super Tenere engine and even frame. Of course, suspensions that are a bit more street-friendly are a must, but that's also an easy bit.

The main concern would be to make the TDM1200 low enough for riders with a shorter inseam, and thus, extend the customer pool for the model. Despite its rather big engine, the Yamaha TDM1200 could be a very good commuter, and with a top case, it could also be a good shopping companion on the way back from work.

The TDM1200 will still have plenty of power and top speed for the more aggressive and experienced of riders, being a neat canyon carver if need be. At the same time, ridden more cautiously, it might prove friendly enough for the average rider.

Source autoevolution