Yamaha XTR 700 Tenerè by Oberdan Bezzi





This Yamaha XTR 700 TENERE designed by Oberdan Bezzi is based on the Yamaha XSR 700 rather than the MT-07, why? Simply because the Yamaha XSR 700 is designed to be fully customizable, so you can modify the appearance of this bike at any given time, the front of the Yamaha XTR 700 TENERE look pretty similar to the old school Tenere, which by the way will not going to happen, the front wheel is a 21inch spoked wheel which make the XTR 700 TENERE “READY FOR OFF-ROAD” from the beginning, other details such a long travel fork and the high position exhaust pipe are here alongside with a big capacity(and old school) fuel tank.