Ducati Monster 1200 “Siluro” Custom by XTR Pepo


Technical Specifications - Siluro (2016)

Donor bike : Ducati Monster 1200 S (2015)

-OEM fuel tank modified in the rear to allow see the rear head

-All the plastic covers of the engine and radiator out

-Carbon fiber cover belts out

-Repositioning of the electrical wiring

-LIPO battery positioned in a XTR box inside the swingarm

-OEM swingarm sandblasted and polished

-Ducati Performance carbon fiber swingarm covers

-Ducati Performance carbon fiber rear mudguard

-Ducati Performance carbon fiber rear mudguard in the licence plate holder

-OEM Monster 1200 licence plate holder

-Ducati Performance led Blinkers

-Ducati Performance ergal cnc machined water pump protector.

-Ducati Performance ergal cnc machined sprocket cover.




-Tsubaki gold chain

-Ducati Performance ergal cnc machined Panigale race footrests

-XTR hand made footrest supports

-XTR rear subframe

-RAD 02 EVO solo seat with XTR rear led light

-XTR totally upholstered solo seat

-XTR two in one exhaust system by SUPERMARIO

-Modified Multistrada 1200 Termignoni silencer

-XTR front ellipsoidal light with high/ low beam

-XTR led position light

-Modified OEM Monster cupolino

-Ohlins front fork and rear schock

-Artenruta painting

-Pictures: Cesar Godoy

Source xtrpepo