Ducati Scrambler Regolarita by XTR Pepo


"Regolarita is an Italian word that means regularity. Regolarita was also a category in the world off road championship racing in the late seventies. This competition was like a rally where you must make several runs with time control. The winner is not the fastest…it’s the most regular! The pilot who wins makes the run in the same time (or closest).

This discipline was very important in the ISDT championship and many factories created models specifically called Regolarita…and Ducati made a bike called “Regolarita 125” says Pepo.

Technical Specifications - Regolarita

Donnor bike : Ducati Scrambler ICON (2016).

-Modified OEM frame, cutting entirely rear frame and making a new subframe.

-Ducati Sport Classic modified  swingarm with detachable cantilever.  Cantilever shock system conversion.

-OEM footrest support  modified for solo use.

-Scrambler classic modified rear and front alluminium mudguards.

-Tsubaki gold chain.

-XTR  front light and clock bracket.

-OEM Scrambler dashboard

-Mash 500 Scrambler front light with grid.

-XTR led blinkers.

-Lucas type rear light.

-XTR licence plate support.

-Scrambler Classic OEM spoked wheels.

-OEM brake system.

-ABS box reposition with new  Frentubo brake lines.

-Monster 1200 OEM conical handle bar.

-Rizoma taller handlebar supports

-Domino grips

-Vicma CNC machined mirror

-Electrical wiring and ECU repositioning.

-LIPO Battery

 -OEM air box elimination  replaced by an inlet manifold with grid.

 -XTR two in one exhaust system  made by Super Mario with  Termignoni silencer.

 -ECU, sport mode repro.

 -Ducati De Luxe 250 (1962) modified fuel tank for mount Scrambler OEM fuel pump and gas cap.

 -Ossa Enduro 250 (1970) seat.

 -XTR side plate number.

 Painting : Pintumoto and  Artenruta.

Source XTR Pepo