RSD Grunt Sportster




Make: 05' 2000 Harley-Davidson Sportster
Fabrication: PM R&D team, James Crosby
Engine: 100 Zippers
Exhaust: RSD prototype undertail section design, built by James Crosby
Front Suspension: Öhlins road and track, Radial Mounts. Black Anodized
Rear Suspension: Öhlins custom 14" road race shocks. External Resevoirs, adjustable rebound, compression dampening.
Wheels Front: 17 x 3.5 PM Revolution Gold Anodized with a Dunlop D 207 120/70 x 17 tire.
Wheels Rear: 17 x 6 PM Revolution Gold Anodized with a Dunlop D 207 120/70 x 17 tire.
Build Time: 1 Year, went from simple project to full blown custom
Paint: Colors: Silver Flake Base with crazy ass Camo Candy layout by Chris Wood at Airtrix.
Painter: Chris Wood, Airtrix

The Bike According to Roland: "The goal of this project was to build a great handling, super fast stock based Sportster with a super aggressive look. Built over a year or so, its original life was as a slightly pimped white sportster with wheels and some chrome. It was cute... I don't really like cute bikes all that much. I'd built a punk flattrack style sportster back in '97 and couldn't find it to buy it back so I wanted to build something like it, just crazier. We threw a bunch of cool race parts at it and gave it the rolling hardware to make it handle with the PM Revolution wheels that are ultra light and the super sticky Dunlop D 207's."