VOR EN 450


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VOR EN 450




Four stroke, single cylinder, 4 valves per cylinder.


444 cc / 27.1 cu in
Bore x Stroke 97 x 60.1 mm
Compression Ratio 12.2:1
Cooling System Liquid cooled
Lubrication System Forced in wet crankcase


Dell 'Orto VHSB 38 mm flat side


Ducati electronic wet ignition




5 Speed

Final Drive

Frame Perimetral frame, CrMo, Oval cross-section spars, aluminium rear frame

Front Suspension

Progressive system upside down fork, Paioli Kayaba 46 mm

Front Wheel Travel

295 mm / 11.6"

Rear Suspension

Single progressive hydraulic Öhlins shock absorber, low-high speed adjustable preload extension and compression

Rear Wheel Travel

315 mm / 12.4"

Front Brakes

Single 270 mm disc, 2 piston caliper

Rear Brakes

Single 220 mm disc, 1 piston caliper

Front Tyre


Rear Tyre



1485 mm / 58.5"

Dry Weight

118 kg / 260 lbs

Fuel Capacity 

9 Litres / 2.4 US gal

Summary of owner's review:
Bad stuff:
1) The chain dings the frame when the roller is new and the chain is a bit loose. Sounds like a "ping" from an ignition too far advanced. Scared me to death until I figured it out.
2) They come jetted for the high density atmosphere on Jupiter. (way rich)
3) Have to change the oil frequently.and if you over fill it.its on your boots until it blows out the exess.
4) Its a pian to pull the sub frame. And you have to to adjust the needle.
5) The enduro's come with a pea shooter sized muffler. A V-cross silencer really perks things up.
6) The battery terminal has broken on some - then the battery runs down.

Good stuff.
1) Awesome looks.
2) Ergo's are amazing. Can crawl all over that bike. Really lets you exploit the already good handling.
3) Components are better than even many of the popular after market stuff folks consider a "must have" for most of the Japanese brands.
4) Hydraulic clutch. Very nice.
5) Starts easy reguardless of weather.
6) O-ring chain stock.
7) Smooth power delivery.
8) Amazing handling. Stable but turns. Way better than I expected based on my prior VOR experience.
9) I win roll - ons against many you wouldn't believe.
10) Its never left me on the trail. Been reliable.
11) Suspension was setup stock to where I don't think sending out to those "experts" would be worth the money (And I rode several from a famous MX--something guy who's high dollar setup wasn't even close. A Yamaha might have a better fork but no where near as nice a shock for my conditions. I've ridden several now.)
12) It turns. and its SO forgiving. I can't even count how many times I've hit a ice or slick mudd section at speed where the front wants to wash...but doesn't and even when it does I was able to recover!!! And anything else I've ridden would have stuffed me quick in the same conditions. Thats everything from YZ's to RM's to KTM's ..I've ridden them all here.
13) VOR-USA has an aggressive customer support policy.
14) Parts are cheaper than the other Euro brands. As cheap as most from Japan.