ATK Le Stealth Metro / Stealth Dual Sport




Make Model

ATK Le Stealth Metro / Stealth Dual Sport


2012 (projected)


Electric, battery powered


72 V
Cooling System Air cooled
Exhaust None
Starting Electric

Max Power

9 kW / 12.1 hp

Max Torque

48.8 Nm / 36 lb-ft
Clutch None


Frame Perimeter twin-spar

Front Suspension

46 mm telescopic forks, adjustable
Front Wheel Travel 305 mm / 12 in

Rear Suspension

Monoshock, adjustable
Rear Wheel Travel 305 mm / 12 in

Front Brakes

Disc, 240 mm, 2-piston caliper

Rear Brakes

Disc, 220 mm, 2-piston caliper
Wheels Alloy, laced wire spokes

Front Tyre

Metro: 17 in

Dual Sport: 21 in

Rear Tyre

Metro: 17 in

Dual Sport: 18 in

Wheelbase 1486 mm / 58.5 in

Ground Clearance

Metro: 305 mm / 12 in

Dual Sport: 356 mm / 14 in

Seat Height

Metro: 889 mm / 35 in

Dual Sport: 914 / 36 in

Dry Weight

102 kg / 225 lbs
Top Speed 121 km/h / 75 mph
Continuous run time 3 hrs
Maximum Range 161 km / 100 miles
Colours Black and white two tone
Review Plugbike

After building gas bikes for 25 years, Salt Lake City based ATK USA plans to enter the electric motorcycle market with the ATK-Le (Law Enforcement). ATK has built an electric supermoto and dualsport based on their successful ATK 450, which they plan to sell to police and authority customer agencies, or departments. ATK had previously supplied a rolling chassis to build the Electric Moto EMAX 72DS prototype. No deal was struck with Electric Moto so ATK is now building the bike on its own. However, they don’t believe electric motorcycles are ready for mass consumption by civilians, at least not yet. They think the simplicity and quiet nature of electric drive makes it perfect for urban patrol duty.

The ATK-Le uses a Perm motor and a 72 volt system to produce 36 ft-lb of torque. The 225 pound bike will have a top speed of 75 miles per hour with a 100 mile range. ATK estimates this will translate to a 3 hour continuous run time while being put to use by law enforcement agencies. A second generation bike is also in the works with more power and a 3 phase AC motor.



Letter from Frank White, CEO of ATK:

There have been discussions about ATK getting out of the off-road market; the answer to these discussions is NO! For the time being ATK is not active in this market because it is down some 80+%.

We will continue to support our Dirt Bike Customers with parts and service as we have for years. Lee Smith in our Service Dept bleeds off-road.

We have entered the Street Bike business and have a five year relationship with a great manufacturer in Korea (S&T) who will make many of the parts we will utilize on street motorcycles. We will be selling our motorcycles in select *Harley-Davidson Dealerships across the country. We have several top level H-D retired VP Types engaged in our business who have a proven themselves as winners.

Once the Off-Road Market improves we will be back with new products. The Street Bike business will pay for the addiction of dirt bikes like it does with most brands. We have been toying with the E-Bike market for future Police Motorcycles as well.

There is a good chance we will make some 620-700 Intimidators this next year if the dollar strengthens against the Euro. Don't be surprised if you see some new models within a year. We are never content....