Bimota DB6 Delirio




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Bimota DB6 Delirio




Four stroke, 90°“L”twin cylinder, SOHC, desmodromic 2 valves per cylinder 


1079 cc / 65.8 cub. in.
Bore x Stroke 98 x 71.5 mm
Compression Ratio 10.0:1
Cooling System Air / oil cooled
Lubrication Wet sump


Electronic fuel injection, 45mm throttle body


Marelli electronic
Starting Electric
Clutch Dry multi-plate with hydraulic control

Max Power

67.6 kW / 91 hp @ 8500 rpm

Max Torque

88.3 Nm / 9.0 kg-m / 65.1 lb/ft.  @ 4500 rpm


6 Speed
Final Drive Chain
Gear Ratio 1st 12.5:1 / 2nd 8.333:1  / 3rd 6.25:1  / 4th 5.263:1 / 5th 4.5455:1 / 6th 4:1
Frame 25/20 mm chrome-molybdenum steel trellis with aluminium machined plates

Front Suspension

50 mm Marzocchi upside-down with TiN treatmentm 120mm wheel travel

Rear Suspension

Straight connection with full adjustable monoshock, 130mm wheel travel
Rake 24°
Trail 100 mm / 4.7 in.

Front Brakes

2x 320mm discs 4 piston calipers

Rear Brakes

Single 220mm disc 2 piston caliper

Front Tyre

120/90 ZR17

Rear Tyre

180/55  ZR17
Seat Height 830mm  /  32.7in


Length  2045 mm / 80.5 in.

Width    750 mm / 29.5 in.

Height  1230 mm / 48.4 in.

Wheelbase 1425 mm / 56.1 in.

Dry Weight

177kg  /  390 lb

Fuel Capacity

16 Litres  /  4.2 US gal

The DB5S Biposto offers exhilarating performance combined with sport-touring comfort for the rider and passenger.

Derived from its predecessor, the award winning DB5 Mille, the tubular steel frame of the DB5S with machined plates in aircraft alloy envelopes the powerful and reliable Ducati 1100 DS engine. The innovative concept behind the tubular composite swing arm, exclusive to Bimota, confirms our commitment to continuous research and development. As introduced first on the DB5 Mille the revolutionary design of the full front fairing leaves the engine completely exposed.

The compact, lightweight and agile DB5S has been designed with the dedicated sportrider in mind, offering supersport performance and handling on the short and fast paced ride through narrow turns as well as the long trip with two-up.


On January 27, 2006, the first prototype of what was to become yet another new Bimota model since the resurrection of the brand, On January 27, 2006, the first prototype of what was to become yet another new Bimota model since the resurrection of the brand, left the manufacturing facility in Rimini, Italy, for the first test ride. In the seat was Engineer Alberto Strada. Already waiting for his return, helmet in hand, was designer Sergio Robbiano, anxiously looking forward to the first ride on the personification of his imagination.

For the second time in the young history of the new Bimota company, Sergio Robbiano had been the creative head behind a project combining pure esthetics of the motorcycle with the highest standards of functionality: The Bimota DB6 Delirio, a naked bike that parallels the full-faired supersport DB5.

After the initial presentation of the DB6 Delirio at the Motorshow in Milano, Italy, in November 2005, the reactions of visitors and special-interest media alike destined the concept for production, ideally in the shortest time possible. Today the DB6 Delirio presents itself as thoroughbred Bimota: The result of intensive technical research, engineered to the highest quality standards, composed to capture emotion by both its static appearance as well as its dynamic experience.

The DB6 Delirio is based upon the DB5's frame and swing-arm, utilizing the same power-plant - the only technical elements these two motorcycles share.

Components of the DB6 Delirio remain top of the line, manufactured to the Bimota ideology of perfection and style. The aluminum plates located at the lower end of the main frame and the back end of the swing-arm have been re-designed to appear even lighter and convey an even slimmer line of the motorcycle. Further enhancing the appearance and performance of the DB6 Delirio are the exclusive steering plates, solidly embracing the 50mm Marzocchi forks. Completing the rolling chassis of the DB6 is the powerful Brembo radial braking system with its uniquely shaped rotors.

The DB6 Delirio's frontal view, the face of the motorcycle, is defined by its exclusive headlight assembly, integrating the turn signals and the dashboard which is dominated by a distinctive rev-counter.

The handlebars, like the complete seating position, put the rider in full control over the DB6 Delirio at any time, providing an outstanding experience and the sensation of dominating the road.

The tank has been designed to be narrow at knee-hight, widening just above the rider's legs. While adding to the unique line of the DB6 Delirio, this design provides a perfect combination of tank-volume and rider-control.

Just like on its counterpart, the DB5, the DB6 Delirio's rider footrests can be adjusted in three positions. Also the upper control levers, brake and clutch, can be adjusted to each riders specific needs and comfort.

With a seat hight of 800mm and a weight of just 170kg, the DB6 Delirio is a motorcycle fitting shorter riders comfortably while providing enough space and leverage for taller riders, without any compromise to control and handling for any size rider.

All elements of the DB6 Delirio are characterized by two main aspects: They compliment the motorcycle's exclusive and unique design line, while providing their respectively desired functionality. The passengers aluminum footrests and their supports reflect the trellis concept of the DB6 Delirio's framework. In combination with the well padded seat, the passenger will experience a far more comfortable position than on most naked bikes on the market today. Also the rider has a more comfortable position, leaning only slightly forward over the tank.

The triangle shaped mufflers, complying with EU emission limit according to EURO3, are placed under the seat, following the motorcycles slim silhouette. Specially designed air intakes provide cooling to the muffler itself and prevent warming of the passenger seat.

Negative acceleration on both wheels is provided by powerful Brembo calipers embracing the distinctively shaped rotors.

The DB6 Delirio's performance, powerful engine, light weight, and exclusive components, assembled to the highest standards, elevate this Bimota motorcycle above the known world of naked-bikes. Like every Bimota, the DB6 Delirio's dynamic characteristics are in perfect harmony with its static appearance: beyond average.

Oh, and one more thing: On that rather cold day in January we mentioned earlier, everything went very well with Eng. Strada's first test ride of the DB6 Delirio prototype. Still, Sergio Robbiano had to wait a long time with the helmet in his hands before he came back ...