Ducati 100 Sport




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Ducati 100 Sport


1958 - 60


Four stroke, single-cylinder, OHC, shaft and bevel gears exhaust valve


98 cc / 6.0 cu in
Bore x Stroke 49 x 52 mm
Compression Ratio 9:1
Cooling System Air cooled
Lubrication System Forced oil sump


Dell'Orto MA18B


Battery coil, 6V 40W generator

Spark Plug

Marelli CW260N


SAFA 3L3, 13.5 Ah



Max Power

6 kW / 8 hp @ 8000 rpm


Wet, multi-plate

Primary Drive Ratio



4 Speed

Gear Ratios

1st 2.75 / 2nd 1.65 / 3rd 1.18 / 4th 0.97:1

Final Drive


Final Drive Ratio



Single tube, open cradle frame in tubular steel

Front Suspension

Hydraulically damped telescopic forks, Marzocci

Rear Suspension

Swingarm, dual shocks, 3-way adjustable

Front Brakes

Drum, Amadori

Rear Brakes

Drum, Amadori

Front Tyre

2.50 -17 CEAT

Rear Tyre

2.75 -17 CEAT


Length:1910 mm / 72.2 in
Width:    580 mm / 22.8 in
Height:  920 mm / 36.2 in


1320 mm / 52.0 in in

Seat Height

750 mm / 29.5 in

Dry Weight

100 kg / 220 lbs

Fuel Capacity

17 L / 4.5 US gal / 3.7 Imp gal

Top Speed

105 km/h / 65 mph

The extraordinary sporting and commercial success of the 175 pushed Ducati to begin a frantic evolution of SOHC formula in mind: models for tourism, sports, off-road and even a custom, complete with handlebar horns of an ox, for the American market. It was also expanded the range of engine sizes. In 1958 they entered traded the 125 Sport and 100 Sport. The engine differed from that of 175 in a series of details; for example the oil pan had a more linear form and without fins and its capacity was reduced to 2.1 liters. 125 and 100 were visually almost identical, except in the early models for the frame of the lighthouse, with a peak on the 125 and smooth for the 100. It should be noted that the differences were often due to hasty preparations before the official presentation and mania, typical of those years, to retouch photos of models to present them in the best possible way.

The engine was a single cylinder 4-stroke, air-cooled. Bore and stroke: 49 x 52 mm. Displacement: 98.56 cc. Compression ratio: 8: 1. Distribution: OHV, camshaft overhead cam with little tree and bevel. Power: a carburetor Dell'Orto MA 18 B. Maximum power: 8 hp at 8,500 r / min. Clutch: multi-plate in oil bath. Transmission: four-speed. Front suspension: telescopic fork. Rear suspension: swinging fork with two shock absorbers. Front brake: drum. Rear brake drum. Front Tire: 2.50 x 17 Rear tire: 2.75 x 17. Wheelbase: 1,320 mm. Length: 1,910 mm. Width: 580 mm. Height: 920 mm. Seat height: 750 mm. Weight: 100 kg. Maximum speed: 105 km / h.

The 100 was appreciated in Italy, but found few admirers abroad where it was preferred the most powerful (10 hp at 8,500 r / min.) And fast (112 km / h) eighth of a liter. Eventually in 1960 it was decided to suspend production of the 100 Sport, while the 125 continued to be made until 1965.

Source: Autoelusso