Ducati 1098 F08 SBK Team Xerox




The new 1098 F08 is directly derived from the 1098 R and has been developed as a result of the new World Superbike regulations that allow for both 1200cc two-cylinder machines and 1000cc four-cylinders to line up on the grid together for the first time.
Never before has a Ducati Superbike been so similar to the road version, with its production engine having very few modifications made to it, the changes limited essentially to the pistons, camshafts and transmission.

Filippo Preziosi, Director General of Ducati Corse, underlines the importance of the new project, that confirms and reinforces the level of commitment that Ducati Corse makes to the Superbike championship.

“2008 is a very important year for Ducati as it sees the debut of the 1098 F08 race bike in the World Superbike championship, a bike derived from the impressive 1098 R that has already become a technological point of reference with regard to production sport bikes. This season Ducati Corse lines up the official Ducati Xerox Team and provides extensive technical support to the satellite teams, confident that great results will be achieved thanks also to the level of expertise of all its riders. A warm welcome to our new partners that will support us this season and particular thanks to all the sponsors who have renewed their faith in the project, especially Xerox and Shell.”

Troy Bayliss and  Michel Fabrizio will race the Ducati Xerox1098 F08 in 2008